Health Insurance Denials

When an insurance company has denied your health insurance claim it is often after you or a family member has had a very serious and life altering accident. Incidentally, such a denial can also have a great impact on you, including stress and financial ruin. If you have health insurance, and you have faithfully paid […]

How Long Do I Have to Appeal The Denial of My Insurance Claim?

Under Utah law, you generally have three (3) years to file a breach of contract claim against your insurance company with the district court if it wrongfully denies your insurance claim. See Utah Code §§ 31A-21-313 and 31A-21-314(1). The amount of time you have to file a lawsuit is commonly known as the “statute of limitations.” See id. at […]

What Constitutes A Valid Insurance Policy?

Insurance companies can misconstrue the language in insurance policies—whether unintentionally or on purpose—in order to deny your insurance claim even though you are entitled to coverage. Insurance is a part of everyday life, which we get in order to protect ourselves from the risks inherent in many activities and scenarios, including, but not limited to: […]

ERISA: Does it Apply to Your Insurance Policy?

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) is a complicated federal law that applies to many insurance policies—including health insurance, long-term or short-term disability insurance, and life insurance plans. If your insurance company denied your insurance claim, ERISA may apply to your claim. ERISA has strict requirements, including what you are required to […]