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Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers


When an insurance company has denied your insurance claim it is often after you or a family member has had a very serious and life altering accident or change. Incidentally, such a denial can also have a negative impact on you, including stress and financial ruin.

“Bad faith insurance” refers to any fraudulent or deceptive practice or act that an insurance company purposely uses to wrongfully deny, underpay, or delay paying a valid insurance claim, including misconstruing the insurance policy language.

If you have insurance, and you have faithfully paid premiums and complied with other plan provisions, the insurance company is required to pay for all valid claims. Insurance companies, however, still deny warranted claims in order to maximize profits.

At Head Law, we fight the bad faith practices that insurance companies employ to wrongfully deny insurance claims. We understand the impact a denied insurance claim has on you and your family, and we will fight the insurance company to help you receive payment of your denied claim when it has wrongfully denied it.